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February 1, 2023

‘Zombie Virus’ emerges as a new threat from melting ice due to climate change

Zombie Virus Scientists have revived more than 24 viruses from the Siberian permafrost 7 of them belong to the genus of Pandoravirus

Zombie Virus is a misnomer. Scientists have revived more than 24 viruses from the Siberian permafrost, 7 of them belong to the genus of Pandoravirus, but none of them will turn you into a Zombie. So calling them Zombie viruses is just sensationalization by the media, however, this discovery by scientists from the French National Center for Scientific Research is no less scary than Zombies. These viruses are believed to be approximately 50,000 years old, scientists say that they are still infectious even after all these years and could potentially open humanity to new threats in coming years.

Threats from climate change and global warming is not a distant future as we once thought, it is a reality that is being ignored by society at large. As Bob Dylan once said- ‘for the times they are a-changin’. And they are changing fast. This ground-breaking discovery by European researchers proves that the past always comes back to haunt you, like these viruses, if the melting of ice and rising temperatures are left unchecked.

Zombie Viruses, as the mainstream media would like to call them, are a reminder of the fact that we know very little about the science behind life and death, we are yet to understand the full impact of global warming and climate change.

Scientists led by microbiologist Jean-Marie Alempic revived these viruses buried deep beneath the permafrost of Russia’s Siberia to understand the potential threat they pose, but many on social media, however, are skeptical and questioning whether in the process of learning about them we might actually hasten the impending doomsday by releasing them into the world.

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