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Hyderabad Casino Scam: Alleged involvement of these YSRCP and TRS leaders in the scam?


Alleged involvement of these YSRCP and TRS leaders in the Chikoti Praveen Casino Scam

Two big scams are rocking the country. One of these was the finding of bundles of currency notes in the residence of a minister in West Bengal, a large amount of bundles of currency notes and more than five kg gold ornaments were also found in the house of a minister’s close friend. ED is investigating political corruption on such a large scale. A big scam related to the recruitment of teachers. According to official figures, ED has seized more than 50 crores of cash so far.

Chikoti Praveen Casino Scam

Another scam casino. The ED raided the residences and offices of two large casino operators in Hyderabad and seized some important documents. In this regard, the ED has issued notices to the managers of the casino, Madhav Reddy and Chikoti Praveen. The main allegation against them is that they are maintaining close relations with some political leaders of the country along with AP and Telangana and are running casinos in various areas.

ED Investigates Hyderabad Casino Scam

Chikoti Praveen responded on this issue. He said that he would cooperate with the law. He said that if they (ED) questioned with any doubts, they would be answered. He said that the casino is operating in other parts of Goa with all the permissions. He said that there is legality to operate casino in Goa and Nepal. But what should be noted here is that the car used by Chikoti Praveen is also known to be in the name of a public representative.

Another thing is that there are allegations that the two latest former ministers of AP are closely related to Chikoti Praveen. Along with those two former ministers, six MLAs are also involved in Praveen’s affairs. It is said that they have become partners in the management of casinos in various areas along with Chikoti Praveen. They are also believed to have a role in the money laundering he conducted. In the wake of these allegations, the YCP was also alerted.

This is a report on who has a role in this scam. Do they have any role in illegal activities..? Or did they participate in activities within the scope of the law..? Inquiring about the matters. Will there be any damage to the party due to this..? What steps should be taken to control the damage? YCP has focused on the following issues.

These are the YCP leaders..!?

It is known that some YCP leaders also got involved in this casino affair.. It is known that a casino was organized in Gudivada on Sankranti this year.. It was all done by Chikoti Praveen.. Then a minister of AP at that time (now ex-minister) often goes abroad and plays gambling games..

Last year. It is known to all that they have also gone to Russia and Sri Lanka.. So.. apart from these leaders, two YCP MLAs from Nellore district, an MLA from Visakhapatnam and three others are seriously involved in it..

Along with an elder who is also a minister in Telangana, two TRS MLAs and two former MLAs are allegedly involved in the Chekoti Praveen affair. This matter is hanging around the neck of some ruling party leaders in two Telugu states. But the main thing to say here is that there is political involvement and lobbying. Will this case continue in the background of political lobbying..? Will it end? It depends on the party leaders. If the case is to be used politically, there are chances that some elders in the center will close the case. Will you stick to this case? Will you leave it? It is related to politics. Wait and see what happens!



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