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TSPSC Current Affairs: Most Important Topics Part 2 | TSPSC Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4 Exams

TSPSC Current Affairs Important Topics

TSPSC Current Affairs: Telangana State Service Commission exams TSPSC Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4, most important current affairs series from NewsOrbit. This is part 2 of the most important topics from TSPSC Current Affairs syllabus for state services competitive exams preparation. Topics covered include TSPSC syllabus: Regional, National, International, Achievements in Science and Technology, Authors and Books, Awards and Recognition, Important Days and Events, Defence and Space Topics,etc.

Topic 21: G20 Sharpa Meeting

Q) India took the presidency of the G20 Sherpa Meeting in December 2022, where was this meeting held?

Explanation: India became the president of the G20 Sherpa meeting for the first time in 2022. It began on December 4 2022 from the Udaipur city of Rajasthan. Chief Executive Officer of Niti Ayog, Amitabh Kant lead the 4-day G20 Sherpa Meeting on behalf of India. Representatives from 19 countries participated in the event, as the president and host of the Sherpa meeting India will define the agenda for the upcoming G20 Summit in 2023. G20 is a group of 19 countries and the European Union that meet periodically to discuss global financial stability, economic situation, climate change mitigation, and sustainability.

Topic 22: Aviation Safety Ranking by ICAO

Q) What is India’s Rank in the recently released Aviation Safety Ranking by ICAO?

Explanation: India received its best-ever rank in the recently released Aviation Safety Ranking by ICAO(International Civil Aviation Organization). India is ranked at the 48th position, a significant improvement from the 102nd position in 2018. Singapore, UAE, and South Korea took the top 3 spots respectively in 2022.

Note: This topic is important in the context of recent frequent flight crashes( Nepal is the most recent disaster)

Topic 23: First Arab Astronaut to Go to Space

Sultan Al-Neyadi will be making history as the first Arab Astronaut to be part of a long-duration space mission.

Topic 24: India’s first voter who passed away recently, what is his name?

Shyam Saran Negi from Kinnaru District of Himachal Pradesh was the first voter in India who cast his vote on 25th October 1951. He was a government school teacher.

Topic 25: Who was awarded the Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award in 2022?

Table Tennis Player Achanta Sharath Kumar has been awarded the most prestigious sports honor in India, Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award in 2022.

TSPSC Group 2 & Group 3 Current Affairs Part 1: Regional, National & International

Topic 26: World’s first ultra-fast Anti-Ship Missile YJ-21 was recently launched by which country?

YJ-21 is an indigenously developed world’s first ultra-fast anti-ship carrier ballistic missile by China

Topic 27: Who authored the book ‘The Making of a Catastrophe: The Disastrous Economic Fallout of the COVID-19 Pandemic in India?

‘The Making of a Catastrophe: The Disastrous Economic Fallout of the COVID-19 Pandemic in India’ book was written by Jayati Gosh

Topic 28: ‘The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times’ book was written by?

‘The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times’ was written by Michelle Obama

Topic 28: PM PRANAM Scheme is related to?

Explanation: The government of India proposed the scheme ‘PM PRANAM’ stands for Promotion of Alternate Nutrients for Agricultural Management. The objective of the scheme is to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers while reducing the burden of fertilizer subsidies on the government.

Current Affairs: Most Important Topics Part 2

TSPSC Current Affairs Important Topics
TSPSC Current Affairs Important Topics: Most Important Topics Part 2 | TSPSC Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4 Exams

Topic 29: National Bio-Energy Program is approved with a budget of ?

The National Bio-Energy Programme under the aegis of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has been approved with a budget outlay of 858 Crores. The following are the components of the scheme: 1) Waste to Energy Programme 2) Biomass Programme 3) Biogas Programme

Topic 30: Network Readiness Index 2022 was released by?

Explanation: The Network Readiness Index 2022 was released by Portulans Institute, Washington, USA. This report is essential from the exam point of view as India topped in many sections of the report. India ranked 1st in AI Talent Concentration, Ranked 2nd in ‘Mobile Broadband Internet Traffic Within the Country, Ranked 3rd in Annual Investment in Telecommunication Services.

Topic 31: India’s First Private Agricultural Market(mandi) is being set at?

Explanation: India’s first private agriculture mandi is being built at Dindori, Nashik with an investment of 25 crores. Sahyadri Farmer Producer Company bagged the contract for India’s first private agri-market space.

TSPSC Group 2 & Group 3 Current Affairs Part 1: Regional, National & International

Topic 32: What was Kirit Parikh Committee set up for?

The Kirit Parikh Committee was set up for the purpose of reviewing gas prices in India. The committee recommended that India should have free and market-determined prices for Natural gas extraction.

Topic 33: PM Modi inaugurated India’s first Greenfield Airport at?

India’s first Greenfield Airport ‘Donyi Polo Airport’, Itanagar, was recently inaugurated by PM Modi. Donyi- means Sun and Polo- means Moon.

Topic 34: ‘The Smiling Sun’ taken by NASA was captured using which satellite?

Explanation: NASA recently released a picture of the Sun captioned ‘The Smiling Sun’ captured by its satellite Solar Dynamics Observatory Satellite.

Topic 35: Global Tiger Summit 2022 was held in which Indian State?

Explanation: The Global Tiger Summit 2022 was hosted by Tamil Nadu in October 2022. Tamil Nadu is home to 10% of the Tiger Population. Global Tiger Forum headquarters is located in Delhi and was started in 1994 for the conservation of Tigers.

TSPSC Current Affairs: Most Important Topics Part 2

Topic 36: The 19th India- ASEAN Summit (2022) was held at?

Explanation: The India- ASEAN(Association for South East Asian Nations) Summit 2022(19th Edition) was held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This summit is very important for India because, during the 2022 ASEAN- India Summit, the relationship status was changed from Strategic Partnership to ‘Comprehensive Strategic Partneship’ marking a key milestone in India’s relationship with South East Asain Countries. (Also read about India’s Look East Policy,1991)

Topic 37: Commiphora Wightii: Guggal

Explanation: Commiphora Wightii (Guggal) is an ancient medical plant of India traditionally used to treat various health problems. The plant/tree has ducts that produce resin/gum that can be used to treat various health problems like obesity, arthritis, heart diseases, pain management, skin problems, etc. It belongs to the family of Burseraceae. The Northwestern region( Rajasthan- Gujarat) along the Chambal valley is the natural habitat of this medical plant.

Topic 38: Recently, the DART mission was in news, What was the purpose of this mission?

Explanation: The DART mission by NASA is aimed at destroying the asteroid that was in its path of collision with Earth. DART successfully destroyed the asteroid Dimorphos.

Topic 39: Mauna Loa was news recently, What is this?

Mauna Lao which was in news recently is a volcano located on the Island of Hawaii. It is the largest volcano on the Island of Hawaii and almost constitutes half of the land mass of Hawaii.

Topic 40: Graded Response Action Plan

Explanation: Graded Response Action Plan is constituted to fight and control air pollution in the Delhi NCR region after the approval of the Supreme Court of India. The action plan triggers automatically from Stage 1 to Stage 4 based on the severity of the Air Quality deterioration in the Delhi-NCR region.

Topic 41: Mission Prarambh marks the new age of space exploration in India. What does it signify?

Explanation: Mission Prarambh marks the launch of India’s first privately developed launch vehicle ‘Vikram S’. Hyderabad-based Space start-up launched India’s first privately build launch vehicle Vikram S from Sriharikota. The engine used in Vikram S was named after APJ Abdul Kalam ‘Kalam-80’

Most Important Questions for TSPSC Exams

Topic 42: S3WaaS was recently in news, what is it?

S3WaaS is developed for government agencies in India. It is a cloud service that will enable government agencies to build websites that are Secure, Scalable, and Sugamya(accessible).

Topic 43: Equal justice and free legal aid to the poor is enshrined in which article of Indian Constitution?

Explanation: Article 39 A focuses on the rights of the poor who can’t afford legal aid to provide equal justice for them.

Topic 44: Who authored the book- ‘ The Rise and Growth of Economic Nationalism in India’

Explanation: Bipin Chandra

TSPSC Group 2 & Group 3 Current Affairs Part 1: Regional, National & International

Topic 45: Who is the Current Chief of the Defence staff of India?

Answer: Lt General Anil Chauhan is the Current Chief of the Defence Staff of India. He took charge in September 2022.

Topic 46: Who is the first Indian woman to hoist the Indian national flag on foreign soil?

Answer: Bhikaji Cama, also known as Madame Cama

Topic 47: What is the theme of Republic Day 2023?

Answer: The theme of the Ruplic Day 2023 celebrations in India was Jan-Bhagidari, ‘participation of people’

Topic 48: On Republic Day, how many gun salutes are accorded to the president of India?

Answer: Continuing the tradition President of India is accorded 21 Gun salutes using the British Era 25-pounder guns.

TSPSC Group 2 & Group 3 Current Affairs Part 1: Regional, National & International




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