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TSPSC Group 2 Current Affairs: 100 Important Current Affairs For Telangana State Service Commission Exams 2023 | Part 1

TSPSC Group 2 Current Affairs 100 Important Current Affairs Topics for TSPSC Exams Part 1

TSPSC Group 2 Current Affairs Important Topic 1: “The McMohan Line: A Century of Discord”

In July 2022 the book “The McMohan Line: A Century of Discord” was released by former Chief of Army Staff General JJ Singh. He wrote this book about India China border dispute based on his military experience as Army Chief. Another such book that needs to be remembered by aspirants is “Resolved: Uniting Nations in a Divided World” by Ban Ki-moon.

TSPSC Current Affairs Important Topic 2: ‘Dancing Deer of Manipur’

‘Dancing Deer of Manipur’ also known as Eld’s Deer is in the news again making it an important topic for exams. Eld’s deer is only found in Keibul Lamjao National Park in Manipur, this park is renowned as the only floating park in the world. According to the IUCN’s list, Eld’s deer is classified as an ‘endangered species’.

Relevant information: National parks of India and their locations, flora, and fauna is very important for the competitive exams. Some of the parks in the news are Hemis National Park of Ladakh, Ranthambore National Park of Rajasthan, and Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh.

Current Affairs Important Topic 3: “World Population Day”

The world population has hit 8 Billion and India surpasses China as the most populous country on the planet. Every year World Population Day is celebrated on July 11 marking the day when the world population hit the 5 billion mark on the 11th of July 1990. The theme of World Population Day 2022 is “A World of 8 Billion: Towards a resilient future for All”.

TSPSC Group 2 Current Affairs Important Topic 4: “Telangana New Mandals”

In July 2022 Telangana Government announced the creation of 13 new mandals in 9 districts for better governance and quick delivery of services. With this, there are a total of 303 districts and 608 mandals in the state of Telangana

Telangana New Mandals are Yendapally and Bhimaram (Jagitial district), Nizampet (Sangareddy district), Gautuppal(Nalgonda district), Sirole and Ingurthi(Mahabubabad), Abberpet-Bhumpally and Kukunurupalli(Siddhipet district), Dongli(Kamareddy district), Alur and Salur(Nizamabad district)

Current Affairs Important Topic 5: ‘Nilekani Center at AI4Bharat’

IIT Madras recently inaugurated Nilekani Center as part of its AI4Bharat initiative. AI4Bharat is an initiative by IIT Madras to build indigenous open-source language AI for Indian languages. It was inaugurated by the co-founder of Infosys Nandan Nilekani on the 28th of July 2022.
IIT Madras was also in the news for developing a robot named ‘HomoSEP’ to eradicate the problem of manual scavenging in India.

Current Affairs Important Topic 6: ‘Climate Change Performance Index

India is ranked 10th on the Climate Change Performance Index 2022. India is ranked 10th consecutively for 3 years among the best-performing countries. CCPI report is published annually by Germanwatch. As per the report, China (37th rank)is the biggest emitter of GHG emissions followed by the USA(55th rank).

TSPSC Current Affairs Important Topic 7: ‘Ancient Sculptures of Wanaparthy’

Recently historically significant ancient sculptures of the 6th century were found in the Siva temple located in Miyapuram of Wanaparthy district in the state of Telangana. Nagnakabandha, Mahakaludu, Sankhanandi, and various other sculptures belonging to the period of Badami Chalukyas were found here.

Current Affairs Important Topic 8: ‘Jaya Jaitly Committee’

Jaya Jaitly Committee submitted its recommendations on the issue of raising the legal age of marriage to 21 years on the grounds of issues like women’s nutrition, anemia, Infant Mortality Rate, Maternal Mortality Rate, etc. The committee recommended the legal age of marriage for women should be 21 years along with recommendations of sex education in schools and colleges. Other committees and commissions in the news are the Rohini Commission for equitable redistribution of 27% quota for OBC reservation and the Usha Thorat Committee for the development of Mutual funds.
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Topic 9: India’s first ‘World Peace Center’

India’s first World Peace Center was opened in Gurugram, Haryana by Jainacharya Lokeshji of Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti organization. Haryana government had allotted land for this center on the Delhi-Jaipur highway. The center will be working towards world peace and the mental, emotional, and character development of the people.

Topic 10: Mobiel app ‘Kilkari’

Union Ministry of Health launched Kilkari app as part of broader IT-based initiatives to provide healthcare services to citizens and expand them to remote areas of the country. Kilkari app is an audio-based free mobile app service for pregnant women and families.


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